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Moments of Joy

Beleta Greenaway

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The Unicorn
Moments of Joy

Moments of Joy

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 “ Moments of Joy.”
I would like to share this particular one with you.
My husband and I had been out one weekend to a wild life sanctuary, taking lots of pictures of the different kind of birds. Later that evening relaxing in the lounge we were chatting about the day and enjoying a glass of red wine. The back door was open as we waited for our two Siamese cats, Mia and George to come in from the garden. After a short while they both strolled in, jumped into their hammock and cuddled down to sleep.

What happened next was so amazing that I still can’t believe it happened. In the open door to our sitting room stood the most beautiful vixen fox, calmly surveying our lounge and it’s occupants. I whispered to my husband, “Quick get the camera from the unit.” Without disturbing her he started taking photographs at a rapid pace. I lifted the phone and pressed the button for my daughter’s number and spoke softly into the receiver.
“ Leanna, you’ll never believe this but we have a wild fox in the lounge.”
She was as amazed as we were. Near by I had some crisps in a bowl and the fox approached as I offered one to her. In the next second she had climbed onto my knee and snatched the crisp from my fingers; she did nip them quite painfully and I prayed she wouldn’t bite me as I know foxes can be very unpredictable. I gazed into her golden eyes and she gazed back at me with total trust, her muzzle less than five inches from my face asking for more crisps.

I offered another one and told her to take it gently. After three of four times she got the hang of it and we avoided bitten fingers from then on. When she had her fill she decided to explore the lounge, jumping on to the chair and looking underneath the lit standard lamp.

Electricity was obviously unique and a new territory for her curiosity. Next she spotted the television and watched enraptured as the newscaster gave us the events of the day.

Suddenly she glanced around at us and decided to return to the fields at the bottom of our garden. 

For the next three months she came every evening at the same time and ate a bowl of dog food. Once she encountered the cats and brought her brush around her in a threatening stance, chattering in a strange way. She was told in no uncertain terms to “Stop it!” This she did quite sheepishly and ignored the cats from that day on. John, my husband taught her to play with a ping-pong ball on a string,  You can see this in the photographs.  Often she would come in if we had company and allow them to feed her.

The most bizarre experience happened when two good friends came over for some supper. The fox strolled into the dinning room and sat very quietly next to the chair, begging for a tit bit, which she got, of course!
It felt as if we had a little family dog in situ but she wasn’t a dog nor a cat but a mixture of the two, very intelligent… very mischievous… very special.

I framed one of her pictures and put it on the unit in the lounge for all to see. One morning I came into the room and saw her picture face down on the Chinese carpet, the glass smashed to smithereens. My heart sank and I knew it was a bad omen and a terrible sadness washed over me. We never saw her again.
Each second she was with us I knew was special.

A Magical Moment of Joy

Never to be taken for granted. We have the memories and we have the photographs. I feel so God blessed to be given the privilege of this encounter with nature and thought I would share it with you. Truly a "Moment of Joy."

Beleta Greenaway  

Ever wondered who you were in a past life? Regression is the key. John Greenaway can take you on a journey to discover your previous lives. Click here for more information.

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