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Angel Facts

Beleta Greenaway

Angel Facts
The Unicorn
Moments of Joy

Angel Facts

Marius George.

As a clairvoyant and palmist of over thirty five years I   have made a few observations regarding angels.
Some of my clients who are from all walks of life have  seen and experienced ‘The Shining Ones.’  It never ceases to amaze me how their experiences are very similar.   
The height of the angels surprised me too; often over thirty feet tall and if they visit the home, will fill the room with their presence. Each person that had seen them remarked about ‘the wings,’ saying they were not really wings but a glow of light that osculated from their forms, creating  streams of healing energy that vibrated with shimmering hues and colours not seen  in this world.
The angel energy is so beatific to behold that my clients  could scarce look at them. Others reported that the angels were androgynous,  (neither male nor female) and had an understanding of our lives and worries beyond  words.
Angels appear when times are hard and you are at rock bottom.  Some  religions correctly called them ‘The Messengers.’ We shouldn't mix up ‘the  guides’ with angels, as the two are vastly dissimilar and occupy  different vibrations.
The Angelic realms are nearest to the creator or the source.
Metatron’, the angel of death, is considered to be one of the most elevated angels and appears when the death process  is very advanced. It is thought he takes you back to your true spiritual home when the time comes.The angel Michael is the most elevated and brings strength and courage. Raphael is the healing angel and I have known him create miracles to cure the sick.
By the law of the cosmos, if one summons an angel, they must attend you and do not class themselves any better than mankind, especially as spiritual  philosophy teaches we humans are ‘The Fallen Angels’ or ‘Flawed Angels’ and are  trying to get back to "The Garden."  There is an angel for every problem, every human emotion and once you get the  knack of tapping into their energy, a lot of the day to day problems can be resolved. 

My one regret is I have not been fortunate enough to observe these  wonderful beings, but who knows one day I might get lucky!
Beleta Greenaway

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